Custom Cookies Can Cleverly Promote Your Offer

When do custom cookies become a fresh, creative part of your marketing? When you add an edible QR code right onto the cookie. Take it from Four Directions, an e-bookstore that needed an environmentally responsible way to offer customers a free trial e-book.

QR codes were a natural fit—people could scan them and immediately download an e-book. But what was the appropriate media on which to print the QR codes? It didn’t make sense for the digital company to use flyers.

promotional cookies

Instead, it opted for something pleasing to the environment and the taste buds: promotional cookies.

The bookstore printed edible QR codes on 8,000 custom cookies and served them at popular coffee shops in Hong Kong. Recipients could scan the codes, and then read the e-book while enjoying the cookie with their cappuccino. Pairing this with  promotional coffee mug is a great idea.

custom cookies

It was brilliant marketing for Four Directions. As a result of the logo cookies, site visits surged 45% and sales increased 12%. Literary environmentalists got a sweet treat, and the e-bookstore solidified its eco-friendly brand image.

Promo know-how tip:

QR codes must be the right size and easily scanned to be effective. Talk to our Promotions Specialists about which promotional items work best with QR codes.

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