Custom Matchbook: McDonald’s “Round the Clock” Hours

McDonald’s is one company that understands the power of guerrilla promotions and has been using them effectively for years. Check out the latest trick they came up with!

As marketing execs at McDonald’s well know, a healthy percentage of their late night customers typically go to bars, clubs, and other late-night establishments before heading off to pick up some cheap munchies to cap off the night. So, they created an unassuming guerrilla promotion to remind people that McDonald’s was open late. This is a great restaurant promotional item.

This promotional matchbook doesn’t actually hold any matches – instead the inside of the logo matchbook is imprinted with tasty-looking McDonald’s french fries along with a simple message: the iconic Golden Arches, “24 hours”, and “I’m lovin’ it.” Short and sweet!

custom imprinted matchbook

These customized matches were left on bars and tables at popular nightlife hotspots to stir up cravings for the world’s most popular fast food.

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