Custom Mugs: A Warm Addition To A Welcome Gift

Give out custom mugs, and people will pour in anything: coffee, tea, Baileys. Truvia, the sugar alternative, was also counting on people pouring in some of its all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener.

custom mug

The brand launched a clever campaign, Turning the Town Truvia, in which it asked fans to submit names of restaurants that should offer Truvia.

Not only would they have a chance at seeing the sweetener at their favorite restaurants—they’d also be in the running to win $5,000. Each nomination on the brand’s Facebook page was a chance to win the cash.

When a particular eatery received multiple nominations, Truvia sent a welcome gift containing campaign details, an 80-count box of Truvia sweetener, and our favorite, a custom mug.

What a smart promotion. Truvia engaged its biggest fans, and then sent a useful, relevant welcome gift directly to prospects. The custom mugs were a great touch. They invited restaurant owners to relax with a warm beverage, sweetened of course, with Truvia.

Everything was right there in the kit: the sweetener and a logo imprinted mug. All the owners needed to experience the clean, sweet flavor of Truvia was a hot drink.

Mark Brooks, Truvia’s global consumer products director, said that the goal of the campaign was to incentivize potential customers to understand how Truvia fits their own brands and why they should bring in the product.

As a result of the promotion, which ran for nearly three months and concluded in December, Truvia netted 35,000 leads and boosted Facebook fans by 25%. Sweet results indeed.

Promo know-how tip:

Always consider the recipients when creating a welcome gift. Well-chosen promotional products can be the highlight of the package, whether they’re for conference attendees, wedding guests or apartment residents. Our Promotions Specialists will help you select the right promo items. 

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