Hell Pizza: Custom Misfortune Cookies

New Zealand based pizza chain “Hell Pizza” has been shocking audiences with edgy advertising since its inception in 1996. While “hell” probably wouldn’t be my first theme choice for a pizza brand, I have to admit it does get your attention! Sometimes it’s the risky ideas that find their niche and enjoy unexpected success with customers. Some of Hell’s memorable marketing tidbits include:

  • Seven of the pizzas are named after the seven deadly sins (They used 170,000 custom condoms to help promote “Lust” pizza on Halloween in 2006!).
  • The dessert and drinks sections on their menu are named ambrosia and nectar respectively.
  • The stores have custom wallpaper, lava lights, flaming seats and wicked chandeliers
  • The large pizza boxes have a cut-out of a coffin, “for your remains.”
  • The anti-litter message on the box says to “dispose of the evidence.”
And now we can add “misfortune cookies” to that impressive list. To reinforce the dark and sinister brand image, Hell had branded fortune cookies created to sell in all 66 of their stores. The messages are a lot darker than what most people are used to in logo branded cookies, including gems like “Cookies may contain traces of spider eggs” and “Help! I’m being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery.”  Overall a fun and deliciously controversial way to reinforce the brand image and keep customers coming back for more creative ideas like this one.

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