Magic Coffee Cup Sleeve and Other “Hot” Thermal Products

I’ve been getting sleepy in the afternoons the last couple days because of jet lag, but today it paid off. I just went to get a cup of coffee and it came with a magical, thermally-activated coffee sleeve that revealed secret information about the time and channel where I can watch the television drama 24. In order to get the “before” picture (below, right with no red text), I took the band off my coffee to let the red text areas return to black. This begs the question, what happens when would be viewers finish their coffee and the message disappears?

This particular paper cup sleeve isn’t on our site, but we do have some other thermally delightful items, like this Mood Pencil and this Auto Alert Card, which looks a bit like an air freshener, but instead of freshening the air in your car, it measures the temperature of the air in your car and tells you when it’s too darn hot to be in there.

thermal-cup band

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