Vodka Promotion Takes A New Twist

How do you take your vodka? How about in a promotional water bottle? It’s an unconventional idea, but it’s one that’s getting KRU 82 vodka some serious attention on the shelves.

One liquor outlet in the New York metro area reported that 80 percent of customers wanted to try KRU 82; a normal taste test only attracts about 30 percent of customers. The liquor outlet sold 20 cases in a matter of days. The owner says the packaging is the reason for the swift sales.

With a thick, black strap and a convenient carabiner, the KRU 82 bottle conveys style and outdoorsy appeal. Hikers can pack some glasses and vermouth in their backpacks, and voila: martinis on the slopes.

Or not. It’s just nice to have the option.

This packaging also appeals to the green crowd. It’s 100-percent BPA-free and shatterproof, so users can refill and reuse.

KRU 82 stands out from other vodkas because of its distinctive packaging. So we say: Ditch the proverbial bottle. Dare to mix it up with your packaging.

Promo know-how tip: Presentation matters. Polish your campaign with the right packaging, whether it’s a promotional jute bag or a logo gift box.

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