Promo No-No: Creative Promotional Salt

In my last post I praised the creativity of companies that find ways to put a unique spin on common promotional products. Today I’d like to share an example of what happens when people get a little too creative for their own good!

This creative agency wanted a direct mail product that would remind customers about their ability to bring brands to the surface of the market. The product they chose to communicate this message? A jar of salt.

The logic behind using salt is pretty sound in a scientific context (salt increases the density of water, also increasing the buoyancy of objects in it, causing them to float to the surface)…but how many people are going to make this association right off the bat?

The jar’s imprint reads “Add some creative salt to your strategy and your brand is unsinkable!” I’m sorry, but this is just too much of a stretch. Creativity and unique products are great, but when your message is obscured by the medium, you’ve gone too far!

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