Promotional Roadshow: Brewery Promos Appraised

Sometimes promos are really more like promobilia, especially if they’re promoting super brands, super bands or superman. Or beer. In Cincinnati, a couple local brewery buffs are holding their own Antiques Roadshow-style appraisal session for local brewery memorabilia, and some of it can be worth big bucks. According to beer historian Paul Abrams, “If you collected beer cans back in the ’40s and ’50s, you’d be set. They outperformed stocks.” He ain’t joking, either. Apparently some beer glasses have sold for thousands of dollars on ebay, including a can from Burger beer that sold for over $6,000:

“It’s a legendary can,” Abrams said of the Burger can, which features an image of a camel asking “Are you thirsty?” Only two of the cans are known to be in existence.

Indeed, that must be one legendary can.

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