Remember the Wave!

Ah, Max Headroom. He was the face of New Coke, which essentially makes him the face of all that was wrong about 80s pop culture. He was actually originally an announcer for a British music video program, which was then turned into a TV movie in the UK and a television series in the US. According to good ol’ wikipedia, the back story for the shows was this:

The background story provided for the Max Headroom character presents a dystopic look at a run-down near-future dominated by television and large corporations. Max Headroom was shown to have been created from the memories of Edison Carter. The character’s name came from the last thing Carter saw during a vehicular accident that put him into a coma: A bar with a sign warning of low clearance, marked “Max. Headroom” along with the height of the bar.

Today, we celebrate him in vintage promotional sticker form:

max-headroom stickers

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