Restaurant Promotions: Houlihan’s “Mystery” Envelope

When it comes to customer retention, using promotional products can make things easier for your company and much more interesting for your customers.

In Hershey, PA, I recently came across an ingenious restaurant promotion that was just launched by Houlihan’s, one of my favorite restaurants in the area.

custom imprinted envelope

To envision how this campaign works, picture taking your customers’ promotional giveaways hostage until they comply with your demands. Sound fun?

It works like this – when you come in for a meal at Houlihan’s, your waiter or waitress gives you a black envelope containing one of many awesome guaranteed prizes. They range from a free mini dessert all the way to a trip for 2 to the musical festival of your choice! The catch is, you can’t open the envelope until the restaurant says so:

…To play, there’s no peeky. You must bring this envelope back UNOPENED between January 1st and January 31st, 2011. We’ll open it at your table to reveal your fabulous winnings inside, which is guaranteed to be on of the following: [insert cool prize list here]

It’s been a few days since I got this envelope and already the suspense is killing me!

But kudos to Houlihan’s – for the cost of a few thousand inexpensive promotional envelopes, they just guaranteed themselves a flood of January business next year.

Stay tuned to the blog and I’ll update you with my winnings in a few weeks!

P.S. One thing I haven’t figured out is the headline on the envelope. Does anyone understand what OBOE means in this context? Let me know in the comments if you do!

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