Sweeten A Promotion With Custom Candy

custom candyJune is the sweetest month of all: It’s National Candy Month. From custom jelly beans to logo chocolate, custom candy is a fun way to celebrate the occasion and satisfy your customers’ cravings for something sweet.

When you add your logo to custom candy, your customers can’t help but smile. People of all ages enjoy sweet treats, and since June is officially deemed National Candy Month, now’s a great time to serve up a saccharine promotion.

Whether you have dishes of custom candy around your business, you distribute custom candy at an event, or you mail your custom candy, your customers are sure to eat it up. In fact, the average American eats about 24 pounds of candy a year.

Here are some custom candy ideas to sweeten up your June promotions:

  1. Try a custom chocolate bar that’s shaped like an ice-cream bar for a fun novelty item. Your logo is printed on the stick, and the custom chocolate is wrapped in clear cello. Just choose dark, milk or white chocolate.
  2. Promotional cotton candy is a light, fluffy confection that’s sure to delight. It’s specially sealed with a lid that enables a long shelf life, so your logo lasts longer.
  3. Go gourmet with custom chocolate sunflower seeds. It’s an unexpected treat that gets attention for your logo. These custom sunflower seeds are offered in an array of vibrant hues, and you can even blend your own to match your corporate colors.
  4. Custom gummy bears are a kid favorite with grown-up appeal when they’re packaged in custom round tins with a full-color logo. Combine colors to best represent your corporate logo.
  5. Custom M&M’s are everyone’s favorite, and this confection is packed in a portable, snap-top case that’s customized with your full-color logo.
  6. Fill a custom candy dispenser with promotional jelly beans for a sweet way to promote your brand.
  7. Make your customers’ mouths water with swirl custom lollipops. These fruit-flavored pops are packaged individually in plastic and imprinted with your logo on the wrapper or the stick.

Promo know-how tip: Follow up the sugar rush with an icy custom bottled water or even a custom toothbrush to take home.

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