Why Restaurants Should Use Custom Cooler Bags

Restaurants, eateries, bistros, ice cream shops—whatever the eating establishment, it can benefit from custom cooler bags. Promotional cooler bags allow patrons to shuttle their food and drink, and in the meantime, a restaurant’s logo gets seen as a bold, look-at-me imprint on the outside of the bag.

custom cooler bag

Check out these custom cooler bags we spotted at Kitchen Kabaret, a food store in New York that specializes in upscale prepared dishes. They’re displayed prominently above the ordering counter, and they’re perfectly sized for toting family-sized portions.

promotional cooler bag

You can’t miss the Kitchen Kabaret logo on these promotional cooler bags, and because they’re also imprinted with the store’s two locations and contact information, customers know what to dial the next time their stomach rumbles.

Whether you sell customers freshly prepared pasta or fresh-churned ice cream by the pint, your restaurant can get a boost from custom cooler bags. Here are three ways to use them at your dining establishment:

  1. Home deliveries. If you’re jetting around town dropping food directly into your customers’ hands, you need a custom cooler bag to keep the contents at the perfect temperature. Promotional cooler bags also do wonders for building your brand. When your customers or passersby spot your restaurant colors and logo on a bag, they know something delicious is inside.
  2. Takeout. This is a great restaurant industry promotional item. When patrons visit your restaurant to carry out food items, be sure to have custom cooler bags readily available. Whether you sell them or include them for free when the purchase reaches a certain dollar amount, your customers will appreciate being able to enjoy their meal at just the right temperature at home or the office.
  3. In-store purchases. If your customers are stocking up on food items to take home and prepare later, promotional cooler bags keep the items chilled and fresh.

Promo know-how tip: Don’t keep your custom cooler bags hidden away—make them part of your restaurant décor as Kitchen Kabaret has done, or place them near the hostess stand or checkout counter so patrons know they’re available.

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