AIDS/HIV Awareness: Olympic Condom Giveaway

Every time the Olympic games come around, tens of thousands of free promotional condoms are distributed to athletes, coaches, and trainers. I used to think this was because Olympians liked to have a good time, but I found out today that these custom condoms are actually part of an AIDS/HIV awareness campaign (which makes more sense). 100,000 condoms are being distributed at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics – a number that’s drawing plenty of media attention. This promo marketing effort was more catchy than simple use of silicone awareness bracelets. The International Olympic Committee released this statement regarding their “promotion with a cause:”

“The IOC has a moral obligation, as indeed it is required by its Charter to place sport at the service of mankind. It is committed to playing a leading role in the Olympic Movement’s contribution to the global fight against HIV & AIDS by committing effort and mobilizing resources. AIDS is threatening to destroy our collective sporting future and everyone must play their part in this fight. This is why all of us – a father or mother, a son or daughter, a brother or sister, a teacher or a coach, an administrator or a community leader, an athlete or a spectator – are being called on to play a part in the response to HIV & AIDS and in the fight against discrimination.”

olympic-condom giveaway

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