Custom Keychains Warn Against Drunk Driving

We know promotional keychains are great marketing tools, but sometimes they can be a real gem when promoting a message. Case in point? Mattel’s giveaway of logo key chains to urge people not to drink and drive.

promotional keychains

The toy company partnered with an ad agency, a popular pub, and a driver service to create a powerful visual of just what can happen if you get behind the wheel intoxicated. It smashed Hot Wheels cars featuring the message, “Even a small drink is enough” on each car.

When car owners handed over their keys to the valet, the keychains were attached, plus the number to the driver service. At the end of the night, car owners received their keys and the message. The shocking visual was enough to prompt many pub goers to call the service or a buddy for a ride home.

These custom keychains aren’t just for promoting the driver service: They’re tangible, in-your-face reminders of the impact of driving under the influence of alcohol. And because they’re attached to car owners’ keys, they make a long-lasting, visible plea: Don’t drink and drive.

Promo know-how tip:

Turn your custom keychains into keepers with interesting features such as an included LED light on the keychain, safety whistle or ice scraper.

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