Promo Tips from the Non-profit Sector: PETA

Love them or hate them, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has had great success getting their message to people across a wide variety of media, from television and print to online and guerrilla campaigns. In a recent interview with MarketingProfs, PETA’s Marketing Manager discussed some of their techniques and how they are applicable to organizations of all types. Here are a few ideas from Jack Shepard that could help you get more out of your promos:

Getting people to interact with your brand online:
I think that the success of MySpace has taught us all a number of lessons, such as that people like to create things. And they like to show off what they care about, especially when it’s made easy for them. If you let people participate in your brand, they will become brand warriors.

If people aren’t already creating ads for you, ask them to, and give them an incentive. Nobody says no to free stuff. You’d be amazed at how much we’ve gotten done just by giving away stickers!

Leveraging your biggest brand evangelists:
We also actively recruit well-connected users. By reading the most popular blogs on MySpace and scanning through the most popular people, we’ve been able to build relationships with a number of well-connected people on the site. These are people who can drive traffic and sales (if that’s your bottom line).

We’ve also mailed free T-shirts to some of our more popular MySpace friends so that they can post pictures of themselves wearing them. We’ve used those photos in our bulletins to help drive sales. It’s a level of naturalism that can’t be faked.

To see examples of how PETA leverages its online presence offline and vice versa, visit the PETA web site or their blog.

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