Promotional Products Bring Brand Stories To Life

When a brand has a story to tell (and every brand does), promotional products can make the tale tangible and real. The American Red Cross is a perfect example. The organization is brilliantly using promotional products to turn people who have needed the Red Cross into storytellers for the brand.

After all, who better to tell the story than people who have been helped by the Red Cross?

Red Cross promotional products

custom journal

Through its “Stories Project,” the organization is using promo items to help people tell their tales. Each storyteller receives a kit containing a video camera, a promotional lapel pin, a custom journal and some pens to hand write their story.

Dozens of stories have filtered in since the project began in May. They’re heartbreaking, inspirational and captivating. There’s no director and no script—just real people sharing their story about the Red Cross. You can see the Red Cross stories and make a donation here.

What an outstanding campaign: Give people promotional items and turn them into brand storytellers. It’s a powerful, believable, tangible way to show the good works of the Red Cross and bring the brand story to life.

Promo know-how tip:

When sharing your brand story, make sure your promotional event giveaways tie into your brand in some way. Our Promotions Specialists can help.

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