Skin Cancer Awareness

We’ve seen some really interesting promotions to raise awareness for skin cancer in the past. Skin Cancer doesn’t get as much attention as Breast Cancer Awareness promotions, but in the last couple months, I’ve come across a couple more really good examples of drawing attention to the dangers of skin cancer and sun-bathing.

The most recent example also uses imprinted beach towels, which are a great place to put a skin cancer message. These coffin-shaped towels are a bold reminder that people die every day because they don’t protect themselves in the sun. This promotion works well by shocking people and catching them off-guard with the unique design.

coffin towels.JPG

A previous skin cancer campaign in Israel used towels with fire, grills, and charcoal imprinted on them to show beachgoers that they were literally roasting themselves to death if they weren’t using sunscreen. Like the others, this promotion paints a strong picture of the risks of sun exposure, and encourages people to consider their own lifestyles.

grill towel

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