WWF Pencil Extender – Saving Trees?

This creative promotion done for the World Wildlife Fund was designed to raise awareness of our waste and how that drives negative environmental impacts, such as deforestation. The giveaway was a pencil extender made from recycled paper. Insert a pencil stub, and you can continue to use a pencil all the way down to the nub.

Definitely adorable, and surely something that will raise awareness, it’s also something that’s not really going to have a significant impact on the environment. As someone who does want to protect what we have left of our planet, I’m sometimes conflicted about this type of promotion. While raising awareness is great, the little things alone aren’t enough to change the path we’re on. Saving pencil stubs is great, as long as we don’t forget to change how we design communities, finance public transportation and pursue alternative energy sources.

wwf-pencil extender

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