The Benefits of BZK Wipes for Your Brand

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., retail stores and websites were already running out of alcohol-based sanitizing gels and wipes. Manufacturers and retailers are still struggling to meet consumer demand for these products.

However, these formulations aren’t the only ones that can help keep your customers, clients, and employees safe and germ-free. Another substance might be just as effective against disease-causing microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, and it boasts some sought-after benefits as well. It’s called BZK, and it’s the key ingredient in one of our newest offerings at ePromos.

Benefits of BZK

What Is BZK?

German Nobel Laureate Gerhard Domagk first discovered Benzalkonium chloride, or BZK, in 1935. Soon, researchers recognized its properties as an effective disinfectant and antiseptic and by the mid-1940s, it was being incorporated into U.S. products.

Today, BZK is FDA-approved as an antiseptic and can be found in disinfecting and skin-prep solutions, as well as first-aid and other medical use products. It’s also commonly found in the products below, which you’ve likely heard of and may already be in your medicine cabinet:

  • Antibacterial wipes such as Wet Ones
  • Antiseptic towelettes (ones found in a first aid kit)
  • Some over-the-counter antiseptic nasal sprays
  • Personal hygiene and cosmetic products (such as shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and ophthalmic solutions)

Advantages of BZK

One of the primary benefits of BZK is it doesn’t dry out human skin, so it can be used in moisturizing formulas. Additionally, when applied to a skin abrasion or scrape, BZK doesn’t sting the way alcohol does. That’s why it’s such a popular choice for first-aid products and disinfectants.

The National Sanitation Foundation rates BZK as NSF E3 Certified for safety, so it’s often used in  in a number of sensitive contexts, including food processing, restaurants, and food manufacturing

BZK contains no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These are chemicals off-gassed from solids or liquids. VOCs can cause or contribute to a number of negative health conditions for human beings, including aggravation of asthma; eye, nose and throat irritation; allergic skin reactions; and even damage to the central nervous system.

Is BZK Effective Against Coronavirus and Other Harmful Microorganisms?

BZK is an effective anti-microbial disinfectant. In one NIH study, it was found to have caused a significant reduction of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. But, is it effective against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19?

According to one expert, Dr. Sidney Bondurant (chief medical officer for Three Kings Corp., a business that manufactures BZK-based products), some BZK products his company has evaluated produce a longer-lasting antibacterial effect than similar alcohol-based products. In fact, BZK might go on killing up to 99.99% of bacteria for up to four hours after use. Alcohol-based rubs and wipes may only give up to ten minutes of protection.

Introducing ePromos Hand Wipes

At ePromos, we’re always on the lookout for the best and most effective promotional products for your brand, and that’s especially true when it comes to health and wellness products, such as disinfecting hand wipes.

These alcohol-free wipes include BZK as an active ingredient at a .13% concentration. They come in a resealable pouch with 15 gently scented wipes, each wipe sized 5.9″ x 7.8″ for convenient portability. A complete ingredient list is printed on the back of each pouch. You can have a full-color imprint of your logo and branding printed on the pouch as well.

Standard production time is currently 15 business days. However, due to extremely high demand, actual delivery dates and lead times may vary, so be sure to check with us when ordering to make sure your product will arrive in time for your needs.

These BZK wipes are the perfect solution to the hand-sanitizing problem, both during this pandemic and beyond. Show your clients, customers, employees, and colleagues how much they are valued by keeping them well. BZK wipes are a safe, effective, and affordable way to stay germ-free on the go.

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