The New “It” Accessory: Germ-Free Tools

Predicting the next hot gift or accessory trend is part art form, part data-science, and part luck, too. However, the current global health crisis and existing buying trends suggest one thing we’re fairly certain of: antimicrobial products are in demand right now, and they will be for some time to come.

Keep these products on your radar both now and in the future for your promotional marketing campaigns. Not only will you be seen as safety minded, but you’ll also be boosting your brand, which makes them great gifts for clients, customers and employees.

What Are Antimicrobials?

An antimicrobial is a substance, material or compound that helps inhibit the growth of any microorganism, such as bacterium, viruses, molds and mildew. By reducing or removing these disease-causing substances, antimicrobials help prevent illnesses and keep us healthy.

Some antimicrobials are manmade, while others are naturally occurring. When it comes to gifts and products, you’ll often find a mixture of the two.

Antimicrobial UV Light Tools

Do you know what the dirtiest item in your home is likely to be? If you said your toilet seat, guess again. The average cell phone has up to ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats, according to 2017 research from the University of Arizona.

Enter the UV Phone Sanitizer Box. A small durable box with a UV lamp inside, this tool is approximately 3.5″ x 6.7”. It can sanitize your cell phone, keys, or any other small gadgets. It also comes with a wireless charger. This tool makes the perfect gift for top-performing employees and special clients.

Germ-Free Utility Tools

One of the most creative product designs to result from our current global health crisis is a key-shaped utility tool to help reduce the spread of germs. Available in a number of colors, designs and style configurations, the basic concept is a multipurpose gadget with no moving parts (and thus nothing to get jammed or broken) which acts as an extension of the human hand. You can use these tools to press elevator buttons, operate card reader number pads and even open doors. They’ll even work as a stylus on touchpads at the ATM or on a cell phone screen.

With a variety of materials to choose from, including wood, acrylic and brass-coated zinc, you can select a design that resonates with your brand’s image and style. You can also select a long-lasting plastic design with a slim, compact profile that includes a full-color imprint of your logo.

Antimicrobial Office Supplies

Whether your team or clients are working from home or headed back into an office setting, antimicrobial office supplies will be a welcome gift to help keep them safe and well.

For example, antimicrobial mouse pads can be customized with a four-color logo. Pair it with one of these Clic® Stic® Antimicrobial imprinted pens in one of five color choices with blue, black or red ink. Whether you’re sharing writing utensils or telling customers to #keepthepen, these high-touch items make an ideal gift. Additionally, the antimicrobial lanyard will be a welcome addition to anyone who must display their identification or maintain easy access to security cards.

Antimicrobial Clothing

Coming soon to our site (but available now via phone) is an anti-microbial-T-shirt. Through the application of a long-lasting spray substance, the T-shirt fabric becomes germ-resistant and helps prevent bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from attaching to the surface. Each application of the antimicrobial spray on the t-shirt fabric will last up to 25 washes, giving wearers an added layer of protection, especially during travel or at events where they may come in contact with a higher-than-average number of people.

Keep Them Safe and Show You Care

Showing your customers, clients, prospects and employees that your company sincerely cares about their welfare is an ideal way to express your core business values, advance brand awareness and keep your important stakeholders safe at the same time. Along with high-demand items like hand sanitizers and face masks, plan to incorporate these germ-free tools into your upcoming promo campaigns, events and holiday gift-giving plans.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with questions or ideas as you make plans for your next promo campaign.

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