Thermometers: What Every Marketing Campaign Needs

Over the years, thermometers have evolved into a household staple, especially throughout the flu and cold season. And now, they’re even more common thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of businesses are even implementing mandatory temperature checks for all employees before they enter their workplace.

Needless to say, thermometers are a must-have during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. People are likely to keep thermometers for a long period of time (since it’s a staple tool), so you’ll also benefit from long-term brand exposure.

We’ve rounded up some thermometer options you can use at your business or at home to keep your employees safe and show them you care.

Contactless Thermometers

touchless thermometer

Perhaps the most sanitary thermometers are the ones equipped with no-touch technology. And not only are they more effective at preventing germs from spreading, but they can also read a temperature in less than two seconds—a feature that comes in handy when taking a squirmy child’s temperature or if you want to get your employees screened quickly so they can get to work.

No-touch thermometers work by measuring the infrared energy that radiates from your forehead, and they’re incredibly accurate. One of our favorites is our Contactless Infrared Thermometer—if someone’s temperature is too high, it beeps instantly to notify you. Its accuracy eliminates any guesswork, so you’ll know for sure who has a fever and who doesn’t. You should definitely have this tool on hand to keep your workplace and your home 100% safe!

You can also try our other Contactless Thermometers. This one provides an instant, accurate temperature reading in less than half a second. How’s that for being efficient?

If you want a no-contact thermometer that’s a bit more compact, try our Slim Infrared No-Contact Thermometer. Its ultra-clear LED display allows you to read the temperature accurately and instantly, and the slim design makes it easy to use.

Brandable Thermometer Options

Looking to add your logo? Our Full-Color Reusable Forehead Thermometer is a wonderful option too. The thermometer is made from reusable paper, and it uses liquid crystals to read the temperature when placed on the forehead. Excellent for a return-to-work kit, a get-well-soon kit or even in a swag bag, this thermometer can read a person’s temperature quickly and accurately in a non-invasive way.

Another great option is our Forehead Thermometer. Imprint your business name or logo on the plastic hinged case, which conveniently carries the thermometer wherever you go.

With a Digital Thermometer you can customize the thermometer’s body color in either red or blue (there are translucent options too), and imprint your company’s name on the clear case.

Still want more? You can browse our entire thermometer inventory here. We’re dedicated to being here for you and your business every day—and especially during this pandemic. Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us and we will help you get the supplies you need to keep your business and your employees safe. Looking for more healthcare products? Here’s a piece to help guide you.

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