10 Places You Don’t Want to be Without Hand Sanitizer

As public places start to reopen, we all know how important it is to keep our hands clean—and since sinks and handwashing stations aren’t always accessible, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have fast become a must-have, and a recommendation by the CDC .

Our 16 oz. Hand Sanitizer is a Must-Have for All Desks

While we love how most businesses have stepped up cleanliness levels, we still wouldn’t go without our trusty hand sanitizer – and chances are, neither would your clients and customers. By providing branded hand sanitizer, you can help your audience protect themselves from the virus and promote your company every time they scrub up. The new normal should have every desk/home office equipped with an 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle, whether it be at a bank, a law firm, a nail salon or the like.

Aside from stationary bottles, smaller more portable containers will be found in every purse, glove compartment and backpack. For added exposure, consider a carabiner option which can be clipped on to almost anything.

Here are 10 places your clients won’t be seen without it:

1. The ATM

ATMs are a fact of life—and, luckily, these handy machines are everywhere. But, think about how many people use those machines on a daily basis. In a word – gross! Enter branded hand sanitizer for the win.

2. Public Transportation

Ticket machines, handrails, doors and subway seats are crawling with who knows what. Public transportation isn’t the cleanest way to get around but often it’s the most practical. As more people start using public transportation again, it’s going to be crucial to have a bottle (or two…or 200) of hand sanitizer in their bags.

3. Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores are going above and beyond to ensure a sanitary shopping experience. But just think about all the opportunities for germs to be spread in a store. Shopping carts and boxes of cereal are all touched by a few different people before they reach your hands. Another customer might pick up multiple cartons of milk to check the expiration date before adding one to their cart. For peace of mind, hand sanitizer is a crucial grocery shopping companion in 2020.

4. Gyms

Unfortunately, people don’t always wipe down exercise equipment after they finish a workout. In other words, the treadmill touch screen and those 12-pound dumbbells might be crawling with germs…not to mention the doors, sinks, and restrooms your clients will probably use while at the gym. With hand sanitizer in your gym bag, you’re good to go.

5. The Office

There are so many places for germs to spread at the office. Elevator buttons, doorknobs, coffee machines, copiers…the list goes on and on and on. Leave a basket of custom-branded hand sanitizers in the reception area, pop a few in the bathrooms, break rooms and kitchens and leave them in employee hotspots and everyone will “thank you”.

6. The Car

While your car may be spotless—you may be the only person who uses it, even—between Starbucks pitstops, gas station visits and the constant in-and-out throughout the day, you’re likely bringing germs and bacteria into your car, onto your steering wheel and, from there, into your home or office. With some hand sanitizer in your glove compartment (or an 8 oz one in your cupholder), you’re good to go—and good to stay sanitized and safe.

7. Public Playground

Kids don’t have germs at the top of their minds. But their parents do.

Kids are total germ factories who seem to touch everything in their path—especially at a park. With a quick squirt or two of hand sanitizer pre- and post-slide, it’s easy to keep germs at bay.

8. Shopping Malls

Malls are another prime place for germs to spread. Door handles, food court tables and cash registers all come in contact with many different people. Your clients will gladly throw your branded hand sanitizer in their bags so they can keep their hands clean while they shop.

9. Restaurants

As we start dining in restaurants again, it’s important to stay safe and healthy. While we used to pick up menus without thinking twice, we’ll want to wash our hands after doing that now. And that’s not the only thing the whole world is touching. Ketchup bottles? Salt and pepper shakers? Napkin holders? Those surfaces can easily transmit germs between users. It’s going to be key to have hand sanitizer readily available to make eating out a safe experience.

10. Doctors’ Office Waiting Rooms

The last thing we want is to catch (or spread) something while going to see the doctor. But there are so many opportunities to do just that. You often have to use a pen to sign in and there are magazines to flip through as you wait. And your kids can’t NOT touch the toys—no matter how many times you grimace in horror. Hand sanitizer gives everyone an added level of protection while you’re waiting for a check up.

Let’s face it—not only will your client appreciate having hand sanitizer to stay healthy and combat germs and bacteria, but your company will also benefit from this must-have promotion. It’s been hard enough to find hand sanitizer on store shelves, so getting some delivered to their home or office is a quick way to garner mega attention. Layer in your full-color logo and you’ve got a sought-after premium your audience will grab for again and again, every single day.

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