3 Brand Spanking New Items For Your Next Promotion!

Want to give your clients something fresh, creative, and unique? These promotional items are brand spanking new and ready to go to work for your brand!

There are lot of custom water bottles out there, but there aren’t many as classy and elegant as this new glass logo water bottle. For high-end campaigns or high-end customers, these stylish bottles are a head-turning choice that will make your clients say “wow!” Each bottle comes with a matching protective silicone sleeve to ensure a long lifetime of use.
This new Smilin’ Mood Dude Stress Ball is an example of what happens when you combine a few great ideas into one product. In this case we’ve got the popular Mood Dude™ brand, a stress ball, and color-changing mood material. The end result is an addictive desk toy that people won’t be able to put down! Great for reducing tension and stress in the workplace.

Just in time for summer, this custom cooler bag is set to revolutionize insulated cooler bag design! Instead of just packing your bag with ice and cramming drinks in, this bag has special icepack pockets for each can. The bag also features a secure zippered closure that will help keep your beverages ice cold for hours!

But wait, there’s more! To browse more new promos, check out our Hot & New collection!

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