3 Promo Products That Will Help Keep New Year’s Resolutions!

Looking for a way to connect with your customers and employees on a personal level that is meaningful to them? New Year’s resolution season is a few weeks away and provides an excellent opportunity for your business to do exactly that. By supporting your clients, prospects, and staff members in their pursuit of personal goals, you can build stronger relationships and positive associations with your brand!

According to an online poll of over 5,000 people on, losing weight was the number one New Year’s resolution in 2011. There are a ton of promotional products out there that can contribute to healthier hobbies and lifestyles, and now is the time to get them into your audiences’ hands! Here are a few best-sellers that will see high demand during the start of the New Year:

Promotional Pedometers. Starting an exercise regimen is a popular goal, but it can be tough to stick with it. By giving away or selling custom pedometers you can help people track their progress and find much-needed motivation. For example, many weight loss programs recommend taking 10,000 steps a day to lose weight. People can use your pedometers to track their daily progress and find out what they need to do to meet their goals. Having your brand be a part of such a personal goal is a great way to establish closer bonds with your customers and employees.

Branded water bottles. Another popular fitness goal is to drink more water instead of sugary, carbonated beverages. Often people usually grab a can of soda because it’s convenient – and that’s where your custom water bottles come in. Providing a sports bottle that people can use at home, work, or on the road is a great way to help them get their recommended daily intake of fresh water! Your brand benefits from constant exposure and a reputation for caring.

Custom Gym Bags. Encourage people to work out by giving them a promotional gym bag imprinted with your logo! These higher-quality items work well as holiday gifts thanks to their high perceived value. Sometimes an item as simple as a sports bag can motivate people to put it to use and set foot in the gym. Of course, your company will benefit from the public exposure, which is especially nice is you’d like to make an impression on the health-conscious audiences that are likely to see it the most.

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