3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Promotional Calendars

Can you believe how fast 2011 is moving? We’re already on the cusp of the the fourth quarter, a seasonal shift that offers some of the best promotional opportunities your business could ask for.

I’m talking specifically about promotional calendars. Each year companies start stocking up on promotional calendars as early as August, which begs the question, what makes them so good?

  1. Promotional calendars lock in a full year of brand exposure. There aren’t many promotional products that have the guaranteed shelf life that logo calendars promise. If a recipient uses one of your calendars in their home or office, you’ve just managed to secure an entire year’s worth of advertising at an unbeatable price. Repeated exposure to your calendar keeps your brand fresh in customers’ minds, and increases the odds that you’ll get a call the next time they need the products or services you provide. It’s branding 101!
  2. Logo calendars are incredibly affordable and deliver massive ROI. The numbers speak for themselves on this one. Take this example: some calendars cost as little as $0.40 each. If your calendar is seen once a day (a conservative estimate, especially in office environments), you’re paying .001 cent per “impression”. Plus, there’s typically all sorts of special offers and sales that pop up during calendar season, which gives you the chance to save even more money. There’s simply no way you are going to find a better deal than that! If you want to reach big audiences without spending big money, calendars are the obvious choice.
  3. Imprinted calendars are easy to customize. Thanks to their popularity, suppliers have created literally hundreds of different calendar styles and designs to choose from. This makes it easy to find an item that suits your needs, and more importantly, the needs of your recipients. Whether you go with a customized pocket planner to cater to a student audience or a large logo desk calendar to target office workers, it’s easy to find a product that matches your campaign goals. You can even create a fully custom calendar that gives you complete control over the imprint space on each page. The options are limitless!
Now is the perfect time to start buying your 2012 company calendars. Planning ahead gives you time to get your calendars into recipients’ hands before another company capitalizes on this great opportunity.

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  1. Connor Keating

    Yuri Mintskovsky said in his marketing articles ‘people love free stuff’. And indeed this is the truth. We are blown away by free stuff and if that stuff also has a brand on it the we really go nuts. One of the best way to attract clients and to advertise a brand or business is to give away anything that has that brand printed or painted on it.