3 Smart Ways to Use Custom Flash Drives

promotional usb drives

Just like video killed the radio star, USB flash drives have done away with floppy disks, zip disks, and just about every other inferior form of external storage I can think of. Not only have thumb drives become the go-to method for portable data storage, but they have also emerged as a powerful marketing tool! Here are three smart ways to put custom flash drives to work for your business:

1. Tradeshow/event giveaway. In many ways, custom USB flash drives are the ideal tradeshow giveaway. Forget about hauling boxes of bulky giveaways to the event venue – USB drives are lightweight and compact enough to travel with easily. Their compact size is especially nice if you are attending an out-of-state event and need to ship your giveaways inexpensively. Tip: Pre-load your thumb drives with PDFs and other documents and leave the print literature at the office. Event attendees will appreciate the lack of back-breaking paper catalogs.

2. Useful employee tool. Thanks to their convenience and functionality, imprinted USB drives are now an office staple in every industry. Essential for productivity, these drives provide a hassle-free way to move files between PCs, make important backups, take work on the road, or get quick access to useful portable applications. With so many different functions packed into such an affordable device, it’s really a no-brainer!

3. Business holiday gifts. Custom flash drives make great corporate holiday gifts because they have a high perceived value. Most people know that if they walked into a retail store like Staples, they’d shell out $8-10 or more for a 4GB SanDisk memory stick. When you get USB drives from your promotional products distributor, not only are you getting better pricing, but you’re getting a great marketing and advertising opportunity as well. You can’t control what SanDisk imprints on their drives, but you can customize and personalize your own promotional USB drives exactly how you’d like.

These are just a few of the smart applications for custom flash drives. If you’re ready to stock up, don’t miss the current ePromos USB Bargain Buys deal: 5 styles of USB drives as low as $5.49/each, including FREE setup (a $30 value)! This offer won’t last forever, so start shopping today!

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