CBS2: Heat Wave Water Bottle Giveaway

A good promotional marketer is always on the lookout for new opportunities. Even a seemingly innocent event like the current east coast heat wave is fair game! With everyone talking about stifling temperatures, at least one business recognized their chance to get the most out of the buzz.

Late last night our local CBS station here in New York ran a TV spot encouraging viewers to stop by Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn to pick up free bottled water (with custom CBS labeling). Will people really line up for free water? Judging by the amount of weather-related complaints I’ve heard in the last 72 hours, I’d say there’s a good chance!

custom-water-bottle giveaway.jpg

That’s some smart, quick work by the CBS team to get branded bottle water on hand for a promotional campaign before temperatures go back to normal. Will you be ready the next time an opportunity like this one comes along?

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