Custom Doll Face-off: Ghostface vs. Cowgirl

Only 56 shopping days until Christmas and it looks like we’re in for a serious showdown when it comes to this year’s favorite custom doll. On the one hand, we have the long-awaited Ghostface Killah doll bringing some Wu-tang Clan cheer to the holidays. On the other, we have the new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Barbie. The cheerleader Barbie was done in collaboration between the Cowboys and Mattel to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume (seriously). The Ghostface doll? Fans have been waiting almost two years for it, but with a new Wu-tang album out soon, it’s right on time. Perhaps you could use a totally custom doll of yourself or a friend. Or super recruiter.

ghostface-vs-cowboys barbie

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