Gift Cards as Gifts

Gift cards are a popular way to give a gift when you’re not sure exactly what someone will want. They’re also a great way for stores to boost business – it’s kind of like the ultimate referral. In order to make them more gifty, gift cards are often packaged in a special box, bag or envelope.

But what if someone took gift cards one step further, and made them actually also gifts? As it turns out, a couple major retailers have done just that this year. Target has a gift card that is also a 1.2 megapixel camera, and Best Buy has a gift card that is also a functioning speaker you can plug into your iPod. Rumor has it that Circuit City may be producing gift cards made out of the empty retail space from all the stores they are about to close.

Seriously, though, if you have a business who uses gift cards or certificates, why not make them more compelling by using an actual product? A customized wine opener, would make a perfect gift card for a wine shop or a pocket-sized aromatherapy stick as a gift card for a spa. Any pocket-sized item that relates to your business would make a better gift card than, well, a gift card. Plus, since there are so many items that are relatively inexpensive compared to the value of the gift card, even a small boost in sales will more than cover the cost. Chances are, having something way more interesting than a gift card at your point of purchase will boost gift card sales considerably. (via The Adverlab)

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