Google Promos Focus on Fitness

We’ve featured great Google promos before, and I’m sure we will again. Here we have a collection of water bottles, a yoga mat and custom promotional towels photographed by a recipient. Seeing all these google promotional products may make you wonder why they do it. After all, Google dominates online search and online advertising and their brand name has even been turned into a verb. On the other hand, when you have a strong online brand, increasing exposure offline, particularly amongst your core audience of advertisers and content providers remains important. Despite their current dominance, Yahoo! and Microsoft, as well as a host of newer companies are looking to dethrone Google, and you only have to look back a few years to a world that was dominated by search engines like AltaVista that were similarly pushed into obscurity by Google. No matter how big you are, great branding never goesout of style. google-water-bottles towels

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