Heineken Speaker Crates Make Big Splash

Here’s a great product: speakers in the shape of little plastic crates (like the kind you would use to carry a bunch of bottles), or Speakerkratjes, as they say in the Netherlands. This custom speaker promo was great because the item was loved by their target demographic, reinforced their other music-oriented promotions and worked as either computer speakers (connecting via USB) or MP3 player speakers, using a 1/8″ jack. (via Direct Daily)

heineken speakers

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  1. Justin

    Please share with me latest news about mini speakers. Thanks.

  2. Tero Keski-Valkama

    I recently came around a similar campaign by Heineken. The single speaker they gave away was meant for portable music players, and it had similar connectors. The USB connector was for power only, and the only input is actually the 1/8″ jack. Are you sure the USB connector in the above speakers can be used for input?