Here Come the High-Tech Promos

According to The Monitor, high-tech promos are the way of the future:

“Guard that logo-bearing coffee mug you picked up at a trade show, and those T-shirts marketing people drop in front of you during a sales pitch. In the future, you might be less likely to get as much of that old-fashioned stuff from companies that want your business.

“Increasingly, organizations are getting high-tech when it comes to promotional items. New items you might expect are calculators, compact discs, key-chain computer memory devices and state-of-the-art LED flashlights — all splashed with a logo or containing a sales pitch.”

While I do agree that high-tech promos like promotional usb drives have become and will continue to be popular, I don’t think promo coffee mugs are going out of style until people stop drinking coffee. I, for one, drink more cofee than ever in this high-tech age.

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