Houlihan Lawerence: Logo Soccer Ball Giveaway

What I really like about promotional products is the way that they benefit both the company giving them and the people getting them. Everybody wins! Here’s one of thousands of examples I’ve found:

To score some points with the community, real estate brokerage firm Houlihan Lawerence gave away branded soccer balls featuring the company’s logo and colors. Kids may not be in the market for real estate, but their parents are a different story. Kudos to the company for finding this indirect yet effective way to reach their target audience.

The kids get a free soccer ball and Houlihan Lawerence gets a reputation boost in the eyes of grateful parents. They also get free on-field advertising for the remainder of the soccer season and beyond! That sounds like a true win-win promotion to me.

Want some on-field exposure of your own? Promotional soccer gifts are especially hot with the World Cup in full swing.

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