Meter-made Keychain

I saw, and wished for, the parking meter timer a couple days ago at Popgadget a couple days ago, and my wish has already come true. Ours not only let’s you know when your parking meter’s expired, but it also holds a quarter so you can actually pay the meter. Oh yeah. meter-timer keychain

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  1. Jason

    This is a great giveaway item for retail stores in areas where the cops are fierce about giving tickets. Many retail stores already warn their clients, “Hey, did you put money in the meter, the cops are very strict here.” A great brand building and impressive touch to the retail experience, store manager are trying to create could be, here, take one of these. A keychain, with a timer, prefilled with a quarter, deck out in the logo of the store is a really classy touch. Done correctly it’s a sure winner in loyalty and increased sales. “Sure I’ll take that one too!” Customers will spend more when they are happy and trust you. And who wouldn’t trust someone who just gave them a quarter, and a thoughtful little gift :-).