Onion Swagology: Man of the Year Wigs Out

george-washington wig

The Onion reviews:

Item: A George Washington wig

Promoting: The DVD release of the terrible Robin Williams film Man Of The Year

Relevance to product promoted: Justifiable. Williams dons such a wig in the film as a publicity stunt, and a picture of him in the wig, looking something like a poorly made rubber Robin Williams mask Photoshopped with comedy hair, served as the film’s poster. There’s even an bewigged image of him glued to the wig box, just to make things clear, in case people have already forgotten the poster image the way they’ve thankfully forgotten the movie.

Item quality: 2. It’s a reasonably well-made wig that showed up wrapped in and stuffed with red tissue paper, to keep it smooth; the sausage curls on the side are small enough not to be easily noticed, but the big blue “MAN OF THE YEAR ON DVD”-emblazoned ribbon fastening the ponytail is likely to get all the attention anyway. If we at the A.V. Club normally wore ridiculous wigs for no reason when we were sitting around the office, we might wear this.

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