Spotlighting Promotional Trends From ASI Orlando

We like to keep our finger on the pulse of promotional trends, so we navigated the aisles at The ASI Show to uncover the trends that will maximize your marketing this year. Each day this week, we’ll be highlighting a standout trend from the show. If you want your promotional campaigns to be fresh and relevant in 2013, these are the trends you don’t want to miss.

Our first promotional trend: Skinny drinkware.

First the drinks got skinny (hello Skinnygirl cocktails), and now the drinkware is following suit. Promotional drinkware gets tall and slender for 2013, with silhouettes that are slim and sleek, just like a favorite pair of skinny jeans or leggings.

Dozens of styles of skinny drinkware abounded at the show, ranging from classic aluminum tumblers to plastic tumblers with rhinestone details. How flashy you get with your drinkware depends on the nature of your brand and your target market.

If you’re marketing to an audience of banking professionals, for example, skinny aluminum tumblers in corporate colors are a smart choice. They promote the brand in a modern way, but they’re not over-the-top trendy. If you’re targeting a primarily female audience, skinny drinkware with some bling is a fun option.

You can also make an impact with the color of your drinkware, whether the tumbler itself is bold and bright, or you choose a colorful imprint. Pantone’s color of the year is emerald, so now’s the time to make a statement with rich, lively jewel tones.

Skinny sipping is what’s hot this year, so choose custom drinkware that’s long and slim to keep your brand on the leading edge. Here are four styles we spotted at ASI Orlando today. Like something you see? Want more ideas? Call our Promotions Specialists to get started on your skinny drinkware.

custom drinkware

This promotional drinkware is right on trend with what you’d find at retail. It’s a long, thin glass bottle with an insulated sleeve to keep drinks icy cold.








custom water bottlesThese custom water bottles are the perfect example of skinny drinkware in pretty jewel tones. A color-coordinating cap over the drink spout is a nice touch.











promotional drinkwareThe bling caught our eye on these custom tumblers, and we also like the unique curved bottom. Pair that with the skinny design and you have an on-trend drinkware giveaway for 2013.








promotional tumblersLong and slim, these promotional tumblers are right on trend. White logos look so crisp and bold against the brilliant colors, too.











Promo know-how tip:

You can jump on the skinny drinkware trend but still make it your own by customizing different features such as a straw, type of lid or material. 

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