The Best-Selling Promotional Products Of 2013

If promotional products were movies, these would be the blockbusters: ePromos’ best-sellers. We’ve rounded up a collection of the year’s hot-ticket items that add that zap, pow and bam to your marketing. Nothing boring here – these promo items are the showstoppers that grab attention.

Take a look at 2013’s best-selling promo products. We’ve made it easier than ever to find those popular picks to get people talking about your brand. Looking for what’s hot in drinkware? You can flip right to it. Want to know what tech promo items are all the buzz? There’s a section for that, too.

If you want trendy, cool and popular, you’ve got it with our best-selling promotional products. And now, a preview of the year’s best-sellers …

stylus companion with promotional ballpoint pen

The Stylus Companion With Promotional Ballpoint Pen is convenient, functional and affordable – it’s around a buck.


wood promotional pen and pencil set

Eco-friendly is in, making the Eco-Friendly Wood Promotional Pen & Pencil Set a natural customer favorite. It includes two pens, two pencils and a sharpener in a recycled paper tube.


plastic promotional tumbler

A little coffee shop made cups with straws all the trend, and now everyone has to have one. Make sure they’re sipping from yours – give them the Everyday Plastic Promotional Tumbler.


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