The Top 5 Coolest Custom Coffee Mugs

There’s never been a better time to give custom coffee mugs – coffee consumption is on the rise in the U.S. About 83% of adults drink coffee, up from 78% last year, according to the National Coffee Association.

Every cup o’ joe is a marketing opportunity. When you give custom coffee mugs to customers, vendors and prospects, you gain immediate exposure for your brand. Recipients have to look at the mug – there’s no way around it. Every time they reach for it, fill it up and wash it, they’re getting a good look at your logo.

Plus, people are naturally curious when they see a new coffee mug. They want to know what’s printed on the mug. They don’t want to miss seeing a great photo, interesting quote or funny saying.

Of course, the cooler the coffee mug, the greater the chance of it becoming the recipient’s go-to mug – the one they reach for first thing in the morning and then throughout the day.

Custom coffee mugs aren’t just drinking vessels that happen to promote your company. They can be creative, funny, eye-catching, and just plain cool.

Check out the five coolest custom coffee mugs here:

mixed messages custom mug

1. Mixed Messages Custom Mug

Your logo is on one side of this white ceramic custom mug – the other side is a palette for personal expression. It comes with a mishmash of durable, repositionable letters that look like they’ve been ripped from magazines and newspapers. The letters stay put for washing, but can be easily changed up to display a different message.



tank-up custom mug



2. Tank-Up Custom Mug

Heat-sensitive printing amps up this mug. Pour in hot coffee, and watch the gauge rise all the way to full. It’s packaged in a retail gift box for an attractive presentation.






battery morph custom mug


3. Battery Morph Custom Mug

Add a steamy beverage to activate the battery graphic on this coffee mug. It transforms to a fully charged state, and then morphs back to low-charge as the drink cools. The other side of the mug features your logo.



jumbo mustache promotional mugs




4. Jumbo Mustache Promotional Ceramic Mug

Here’s a bigger version of the ever-popular mustache mug – it holds 15 ounces of a favorite beverage (the original version holds 11 ounces). Select from three mustache styles and customize the other side with your logo.




wake-up custom mug


5. Wake-Up Custom Mug

Here’s a mug coffee lovers can relate to. It’s printed with heat-sensitive ink that turns groggy, sleepy eyes into wide-awake eyes. Your logo is printed on the opposite side, making this a fun promotional gift.









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