Top 10 Promos Under $1

A buck won’t buy much—maybe an extra half mile in a taxi or a junior burger off the dollar menu. But these things are only temporarily satisfying. Instead, invest that buck in some promos. They’re lasting reminders of your business—and your marketing acumen.

Here’s a look at the top 10 promotional products under $1.

custom sunglassesCustom sunglasses are hot this year. Jump on the trend by handing out shades in bright, juicy colors. Your logo is imprinted on the side for all to see.








custom iPhone standHere’s a tech gift that won’t dent your budget. This promotional iPhone stand fits all versions of the iPhone, iPad and most tablets, and keeps your logo visible on the desktop.








promotional tote bagsPromotional tote bags are perpetually useful to your customers, and they’re also a cost-effective way to promote your brand. Grab one of these bags in a fresh, modern color.








promotional lanyardsCustom lanyards allow you to keep your logo in plain sight, whether recipients wear them at a conference or use them as a badge holder at work. Customize the attachment and release to get the look and functionality you crave.








promotional penDesigned with luxe silver accents, these promotional pens only look expensive. A curved barrel and rubber grip make them easy to handle.








logo bottled waterCustom bottled water is perfect for handing out at tradeshows, conferences, festivals and other events. Your logo is printed on a glossy, wrap-around label, getting seen with every sip.








promotional sunblock packetsGet maximum sun protection at a minimum cost with these promotional sunscreen packs. They’re great for any outdoor event.








promotional sanitizerPromote health, wellness and your brand with these promotional bottles of hand sanitizer. Your logo is a bold imprint on the clear plastic squeeze bottle.








promotional key tagsGet a light when you need it with these colorful promotional key tags. A silver trim is the perfect accent to your logo.








promotional beach ballsWant to associate your brand with fun? Hand out these promotional beach balls to bring smiles and brand awareness.









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