Custom Aluminum Bottles Put A Designer Spin On Beer Brand

Skol Beer’s custom aluminum bottles have turned it into a lager that lingers. When beer drinkers are done with their brew, the bottle ends up as home décor – not in the trash.

Skol, Brazil’s favorite beer, wants consumers to upcycle its bottles into designer household items. The brand has created Skol Design Kits packed with all the tools to turn an empty Skol bottle into a beautiful item for the home.

custom aluminum bottles

Customers can transform the logo aluminum bottles into a clock, lamp, oil and vinegar set, vase or candleholder. The kits are available at home décor stores or online, and various completed projects are on display in model apartments around Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in home décor catalogs.

What a creative promo from Skol. Any way to upcycle a beer bottle is cool in our book, and it’s a great way to extend the brand. The Skol logo lives on long after that last sip of sweet brew.

Plus, aren’t the best projects those that follow a beer? We’re thinking this promo is perfect for those design-minded beer drinkers and anyone who loves to DIY their décor.

We’ll toast to these refreshingly different custom aluminum bottles. As soon as we can get our hands on a bottle of Skol, we’ll definitely DIY a beer bottle/lamp for the office.

Promo know-how tip:

Use a common item in an unconventional way to build a buzz for your brand. Our Brand Consultants are buzzing with ideas, so give us a call!

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