Custom Products Are A Fun Way To Promote Your Message

When IT and tech giant Microsoft wanted to present Windows 8 as fast and fun, it turned to custom products. Why? Because people can see, talk about and experience promotional products.

Here’s what we mean: Microsoft installed a giant promotional slide in a U.K. shopping center to promote Windows 8. Fast? Check. Fun? Check.

custom products

Shoppers could choose: take the stairs, or go for a ride on an awesome wavy slide. Hold our Auntie Anne’s – we’d totally pick the slide.

custom t-shirts

At the top, staffers wearing custom t-shirts sent participants down the slide. During the gleeful ride, photos were snapped and shared on a giant LED screen, and then handed to sliders in promotional photo frames. If they tweeted a picture of themselves with the #fastandfun hashtag, they were entered to win some great prizes such as an HP tablet.

While you might not normally associate “fun” with an operating system, this promotion was no doubt fun and fast.

Plus, we loved seeing all the great logo products throughout. They made for consistent branding for Microsoft, and they helped create an unforgettable experience for shoppers.

Promo know-how tip:

Custom t-shirts are the ultimate guerilla marketing tool, but consider using other custom products to further drive home your message. 

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