Custom Rubber Ducks Spark Fun In Any Promotion

Nothing says fun like custom rubber ducks. They bring out the kid in everyone, and they can be a creative way to start a dialogue. They’re playful, they’re unexpected, and they get people’s attention.

For U.K.-based Jackpotjoy, a popular entertainment and games site, a promotional ducky was the perfect way to make a statement. A huge one.

custom rubber duck

The site used a massive custom rubber duck—one that towered 50 feet in the air and weighed a half ton—to announce its new Facebook FUNdation.

It took an enormous amount of work to create the colossal quacker. Workers spent three months and over 800 hours on the duck. Then, they set it loose to sail the River Thames in London. The custom duck was so large that the city’s Tower Bridge had to be lifted for it to pass.

Talk about an attention-getting promotional stunt. There was no missing the 50-foot Jackpotjoy duck as it sailed past London’s famous landmarks.

For a site that promotes fun and silliness, this promotion was spot-on. See for yourself:

Promo know-how tip:

Custom rubber ducks can be as creative as you want them to be. ePromos offers sports-themed rubber ducks, profession-related rubber ducks, and more. Or, just go with the original yellow rubber duck. You can’t beat a classic.

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