Custom Stickers Promise You Won’t Get Funky Sushi

Pro Sushi, a Japanese cuisine hot spot across the globe, is using custom stickers to tell customers its fish is fresh. Nobody wants a bad sushi experience, and for those in Minsk, Belarus, promo stickers ease any anxieties that their sashimi is anything but the best.

To gets its message out and promote its supreme sushi offerings, Pro Sushi created stickers resembling the luggage tags that airlines affix to bags at the airport.

custom sticker

These custom decals looked like the real deal, complete with a departure city (Narita, Japan), destination (Minsk, Belarus), and a promise that “We use only the freshest quality ingredients in order to prepare your meals.”

Pro Sushi thought of everything with this promo – there’s even a barcode on the decals to give it an authentic feel. When placed on clear-top containers of sushi, it looks like the contents were shipped straight from Japan.

We like what Pro Sushi is serving up. Its creative twist on promotional stickers is a great attention-getter, and the messaging is crystal clear: This fish is fresh.

Promo know-how tip:

Use promotional stickers to promote a sale or special offer. It’s a cost-effective way to get your brand additional exposure and drive future sales.

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