Custom T-Shirts Can Make A Bold Statement

Health and fitness advertisers sometimes get a bad rap. Consumers think their ads are touched up, and they don’t buy in to the message.

Promotional products can nip this thinking in the bud. Power Vibe Studio proved it.

This weight-loss specialty gym in Nairobi, Kenya, turned to custom t-shirts to show a simple fact: When you work out there, you slim down.

promotional t-shirts

The gym wanted people to see that the results were real, not photo-shopped, so it recruited two women with very different body shapes to walk around a mall wearing custom t-shirts promoting “before” and “after.” The back of the “after” t-shirt featured the gym’s logo and tagline: “Build the difference.”

We love the simplicity and creativity of this promotion: custom t-shirts to show a real-life “before” and “after” demonstration. It was a dramatic way to turn heads and get people talking about the gym.

As a result of people seeing the shirts, the gym reported a 35% jump in membership in only a few days.

Power Vibe Studio used custom t-shirts to prove that its fitness results aren’t embellished—they’re the real deal. That’s some real promo know-how.

Promo know-how tip: Consider the benefit you provide your customers, and then prove it using promotional products. Unsure where to start? We’re the promo know-how people, and we can help you develop a creative promotion from start to finish.

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