Diwali Means Gifts

Diwali, the major Hindu holiday or “festival of lights” is also a prime corporate gift time in India. According to Sify, here are some of the more popular items and advice from experts:

  • Include a card: “It gives a feel good factor and gives a personal touch of sorts. It takes the consumer – corporate and employee – corporate relationship to the next level”
  • Candy and pens: “Sweets are mandatory in every office. But apart from that it is a pen that makes for a near perfect corporate gift”
  • Make it thoughtful: “We may gift a meaningful book to our employees while give something like a pack of ‘Bateel dates’ which has recently launched in the market, instead of the regular peda box to customers and employees”

In essence, corporate gifting is the same around the world: make it thoughtful, personal, and skip the peda box this year.

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