Promotional Items Help Sell Airline Tickets

For people in Oslo, Norway, the cold, rainy months of fall and winter often seem to drag on … and on. But promotional items, like a warm ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds, reminded them that they didn’t have to stay stuck in the chilly gloom.

Norwegian Air used promotional rain gauges to visually show citizens how dreary Oslo can be this time of year. The rain gauges also promoted flight deals to Norway’s sunnier spots. They showed that citizens could hop a flight to somewhere warm and sunny—and for cheap.

Well played, Norwegian Air.

The airline carrier installed the promo items on bus shelters throughout the city so people could clearly see just how much rain was falling.

We love this promo for two reasons: It’s a visual reminder of the city’s above-average rainfall, and it promotes a cheap escape to a sunnier locale.

If the rain won’t go away, at least you can.

Promo know-how tip:

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