Promotional Products Are Effective – Even With Small Budgets

You don’t need a super-sized marketing budget for your promotional products to have a big impact – you just need to use them creatively.

Take a look at what XtraSpace, a small and relatively unknown business in South Africa, is doing. To advertise its expansive additional storage space, the company is using promotional stickers.

Here’s the kicker for this campaign – the custom decals are positioned in the mirrored elevators of one of South Africa’s largest skyscrapers. The result is an endless reflection when people peer into the mirrors, giving the feeling of boundless space.

custom logo sticker

What a perfect tie-in to the business. The messaging is simple and clear: XtraSpace provides limitless storage space and brings it to life with promotional stickers and some mirrors.

People paid attention to this promotional marketing, too. More than 4,000 people a week were exposed to the messaging, resulting in 76% of XtraSpace’s self-storage units getting leased out.

For small businesses (or anyone working with a limited budget), this is proof that promotional products are affordable and effective. XtraSpace didn’t have much to spend, and with a little creativity applied to its promo items, it saw a huge return.

Do you have big ambitions for your marketing but not a lot of coin? That’s okay. Our Brand Consultants are here to give your idea the creative kick it needs to get the big-time results you want.

Promo know-how tip:

Add promotional stickers to your outgoing packages to give them some professional flair and get your brand some bonus exposure.


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