Promotional Umbrellas Help Singles Find Love

Promotional umbrellas aren’t just handy on rainy days—they can also help lonely souls find their match. (Who knew, right?)

custom umbrellas

JiaYuan, an online dating service in Shanghai, China, used promotional umbrellas to target Chinese singles looking for their better half. It didn’t use any ordinary umbrellas though; it used custom-made half umbrellas to promote the message: “Find your other half to weather life’s ups and downs.”

The dating service recruited talent to hold the promotional umbrellas and stand in high-traffic areas throughout the city. This curious sight attracted some big buzz—both from passersby and the media.

Everyone wanted to know: What was up with these lonely-looking people, and why were they holding half umbrellas?

promotional umbrella

Luckily, the answer was found right on the umbrellas—as a QR code. Singles could scan the code and download JiaYuan’s mobile app on the spot. As a result of the promotion, registrations on the site skyrocketed 25%.

The promotion appeared on the front page of a major newspaper, on a popular TV show, blogs and social media sites. The value of the generated media? About $2.5 million.

This campaign proves the power of promotional products, and that custom umbrellas can, indeed, make people swoon.

Promo know-how tip: Don’t overlook the tried-and-true promotional items—even the most common products can be used creatively. Let us help you find that creative spark to make your next promotion a standout success.

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