The Funniest Promotional Bags We’ve Seen

Our first reaction when we spotted the promotional bags from Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre in Barcelona, Spain? Intrigue.

The bags have an Abercrombie-esque look, only the male model that’s featured isn’t shirtless and there’s a QR code printed over his mouth. When shoppers scan the QR code, their phones pull up a video of the man’s mouth, which immediately starts lavishing them with compliments.

The talking mouth recites such gems as: “I can already see that you are gorgeous” and “I keep up with the latest tendencies … my tendency to admire you.”

Perhaps the best line is: “Maybe I can interest you in the perfect accessory for what you’re carrying in that bag … me.” Cue the sultry, flirty smile.

Touted as the first bag that raises your self-esteem, it’s a bag that knows what it wants – and it wants you. We are busting up. The Spanish branch of ad agency JWT developed the promotion, and currently has a custom bag in the works for guys.

Diagonal Mar has dazzled us with this campaign. It uses promotional bags (a perfect fit in a shopping mall) and takes them to the next level by adding a QR code.

So many marketers are confused about how to use QR codes. It’s simple, though. Be purposeful and provide something of value to your audience. Diagonal Mar provides shoppers with some eye candy and a laugh all under the premise of selling more stuff. Check out the awesome cheesiness:

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