Use Promotional Calendars To Communicate Your Brand Promise

Promotional calendars belong in your marketing for a lot of reasons: They keep your logo visible all year long, they’re useful to recipients every day, they’re cost-effective. We could go on.

But here’s something you may not know about custom calendars: They’re a great way to communicate your brand promise.

Take a look at what Krrish Group, a construction and real estate firm in India, has done. The company took ordinary calendars and turned them into a set of tabletop skyscrapers.

promotional calendars

No ordinary wall or desk calendars – these marketing gems brought the firm’s architectural prowess to life. Its brand promise – to deliver contemporary and innovative designs – became tangible in the form of these promo calendars. We can’t think of a more perfect promotional giveaway for the brand.

What a great way to establish brand identity and build up relationships with prospects. By distributing these creative calendars, the firm set itself apart in the marketplace and kept its brand visible on the tables of architects, business firms and prospective clients.

It’s by effectively communicating – and delivering on – brand promises that companies create brand value. Krrish Group has done an excellent job with its skyscraper promotional calendars.

Promo know-how tip:

Always aim to use promo giveaways that are unique and relevant to your brand. Our Brand Consultants are here to share their expertise for any client in any industry.

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